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My utmost Goal is to produce show quality, sound, healthy, happy puppies with great temperaments and heavy coats in solids and parti colors.


We have been very blessed to be able to have the rainbow of colors come into the Pom world and the breeding for color only is just not acceptable. I have been very picky on the Poms I have chosen to be able to get the color as well as good lines to go with it. It is extremely important to me to know the lines of my babies and where they come from. Many reputable breeders have taken many years to produce excellent quality poms we have today. Knowing this, it is my goal to bring those excellent qualities into the parti's for the show ring.


On my website you will notice that I have listed the Champions in several generations again this goes back to I want to know where my babies came from. If you look at some of my pedigrees you will find that the previous generations before the champions are also well known lines from well known breeders for example Wee Hearts, Fabyan's, Millamor's, Creider's, Great Elms and many other reputable breeders that have worked very hard for many years to keep and improve the standards of our Poms.


Each of my breeding's are preplanned well in advance. All of my adult babies and puppy babies are loved on, played with, talked to and attended to daily by me. Both of my children are grown so the only thing I have are my Pom kids. My Poms are not kenneled and believe me to keep my Poms the way I do it is a lot of work.... BUT I would not have it any other way!


I am always asked why do you not just show one of your show quality Poms you have already bought and make it a champion...well my answer is...where is the satisfaction in that other than making a champion for someone else's name???? Anyone can do that. The challenge comes when you have breed it your self, shown it and it becomes a Champion. Breeding Parti's are a challenge in themselves. So now you understand :).


Your new baby will come pre-spoiled guaranteed. They will be wormed many times and the shots in line with their age. I WILL NOT let my babies go to their new home before they are at least 10 weeks of age depending on the size of each baby and at least one puppy shot.


I do reserve the right to refuse to sell one of my babies if I feel the situation is not right.

My pom babies futures depend on me. It is up to me to find the very best home they can have. If you have purchased a puppy from me and at anytime in the future you find you for any reason are not able to keep that baby no matter what age, altered or not you must contact me and send him or her back to me C.O.D for the shipping and I will find another suitable home or it will stay here with me and and join our senior citizens group. I do not want any of my babies to end up homeless, in a shelter or as a rescue. They always have a home here!


If you are a BROKER or PUPPY MILL.......DO NOT CONTACT ME! I sell to show homes and loving families only. Be prepared because I will ask for references and your vets # is required as a reference.


I hope this has helped you understand how my breeding program works. If you have any questions please e-mail me and I will be very happy to answer you questions.


Thanks so much,