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My House is always being protected!!! They don't miss a thing. Big bad guard dogs.

You could call them couch potatoes.


Hershey back in the Saddle again.                   Oh Dear Lord Help Me!                        I don't look like they do!!!!! You said I did.


Birthday party...Can we dig in yet?                     I never talk with my mouth full.


This piece is for my babies...just try to take it.       Who's watching the house                   Can you Find Angilica ?



Being Pregnant is a tough job.              You just think I'm SPOILED!                       Help me out of here!!!!!


Mother of all Poms!!!!!!!!!!!!                                       I'm watching you....                              You called me WHAT? A DOG!


Traveling First Class....                                              My Momma??????                                Take my picture too!!!!               


 My very own Security System!                                   Life is good!                                         Tea is at 2


Another late night with mom at the computer.          Ahhhhh...Are we done yet?                 May I have the treat?


Santa we've been good this year                       The dinner bell ran?                                Smiling NEMO!!!!!!


 I'm not a baby!!!!!!!!!                                                 I'm the baby!!!!                                         Ready N Willin to play :)


They thought I was a dog!                                            Who's the momma?                                   I Didn't do it!!!


 The ultimate toy!!!!!                                                   Got mine...                                                   You say the Prayer....


Tug of War....                                                   Bad Girl Bad Girl Whatcha gonna do....                Hey Ladies first!!!!!!!!!


Playing King of the Mountian...