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My name is Anne and my husbands name is Jim. We have been married for 25 years and are

just as in love now as we were when we were married. 

We have 2 children...My son 24 my daughter 22 and

Our love for poms started 21 1/2  years ago with our

first pom that was  pet quality  called Peanut....

                                           We are very sad to say we

                                           lost him a few years ago

                                           and he will always be in our hearts. My husband was his everything.

                                           He went every where my husband went. He road on the tractor

                                           and the lawn mower with him and some how Peanut always knew when it was

the weekend! Jim called him his weekend warrior! The love we had for this little guy and the enjoyment he gave us.

My babies do not and will not live in kennels they are members of our home.